Mark E. Schill is an IT veteran with 13 years specializing in Windows server and Citrix technologies.

Mark started scripting with a Y2K project that required the creation of thousands of new NT domain accounts and has been automating ever since.  He made the switch to Windows PowerShell in July 2007 with his first Citrix MFCOM script for publishing desktops which is still in production to this day.  In addition to scripting he spends his workdays as an all-in-one C# developer, SQL Server database administrator, and Windows system administrator.

He is currently the president of the Atlanta PowerShell User Group and the Atlanta Citrix User Group as well as the vice president of the Virtual PowerShell User Group.  When possible, Mark is hanging out with the Virtual PowerShell User Group on the #PowerShell IRC channel on irc.freenode.net.  You can track Mark at his blog at http://www.PowerSchill.com , via email at Mark.Schill@cmschill.net or follow him on twitter @PowerSchill.

Mark is a proud graduate of The Georgia Institute of Technology.  Go Jackets!

He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife Carla and beloved Chihuahua Sophie.

Dedication: This blog is dedicated to my wife and “editor” Carla. Without her this blog would be an incoherent collection of ideas. And its amazing that she do this without understanding the technical jargon.

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